Crossfit Women

Strong is Beautiful

This came from one of CFHW’s female athletes:

I felt compelled tonight to attempt to articulate my thoughts on women and how I see CrossFit at the heart of forever altering the ‘image’ of women: 10 years ago I survived on the following food every day: 1 non-fat chai tea latte, 1 cup cheerios, 1 cup carrots. In addition, I ran 3 miles each day, without fail. Was I thin, you bet. Was I very sick, you bet. I was consumed by my size 0 jeans and was sustained by the thought of reaching new lows on the scale. Fast forward to working my way out of this disease and developing healthy exercise habits. Fast forward even further to CrossFit…
I now strive for performance. I have relinquished staring at myself in the mirror. There is no calorie counting. I eat for fueling performance and health. I compare times and achievements with other women, not jean size. I exchange accolades with other women for pushing through adversity and challenges set before us. I am mentally capable of tackling life’s challenges.There is NO easy path to ultimate ‘fitness’. Being FIT requires a healthy approach encompassing healthy ‘diet’, healthy mindsets, and work that challenges the body.

I chose to be a role model for my daughter. If I could have my way for her, she will never walk by a mirror and sigh, she will smile with every PR, she will be proud of the athlete she will become. She will not take the easy way out, she will not take the short cuts, she will not chose the mirage of ‘quick fixes’ that sacrifice integrity and health.
Do I still fit into a size 0? No F’ing way! Do I look good, yep. Am I strong, yep. Do I fight it out in the box every week, yep. Am I forever changed as a woman: absolutely. I invite all of you to take a fresh perspective on CrossFit from this point on.

Men, you are not excluded. Women who can do a pull-up and who are proud of the bumps and bruises they achieve fighting to make a lift have strength in this life. They should be supported and they should be hailed as those who will change the image of women for our daughters.

Thanks Debra!

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